Scene From A Movie

Competition Deadline: 5th April 2009

The gap between motion picture visuals and the graphical fidelity of current generation videogames is closing with every new AAA game release. Visual realism is becoming more of an accepted part of videogames and more an important part of immersing games players into these fantastic realtime experiences.

For this competition, you must choose a scene from a movie and create a 3D environment based on it. You can either recreate it exactly, or you can use it as a reference to create something new - but it has to be recognizable and it has to look like it belongs to that movie.

As well as overall quality and technical merit, your work will be judged on how well your piece represents a chosen scene or visual style from the movie you've chosen.

Deliverables (Submitting your entry)

• Your final submission will be no later than the 5th of April, 2009
• Your final submission will be 1280x1024 and at least 90% JPEG quality
• Entrants must be members of Game-Artist.Net or CGTalk/CGSociety.

We strongly encourage entrants to participate in the competition forum, as they will benefit from feedback from peers and other members of the community.

The title of your competition thread must be formatted as follows: SFAM - Team Name (For example: "SFAM - Game Art Guerrillas"

Triangle count:
200.000 triangles

Texture limit:
4096 x 4096 for each texture pass (meaning 1x4096x4096 for the diffuse, 1x4096x4096 for specular, etc)

Your scene must be presented in real time
(For example: Via a game engine, or 3D app viewport)

Photoshop adjustments are not allowed, apart from resizing or cropping